All Natural

This month we’re talking about natural wines. As something that comes up over and over again on wine trails, I thought this was a good time to discuss all things natural wine.

There is no black and white definition of ‘natural wine’ which makes things a little bit tricky but generally speaking these are wines that are produced by small scale, independent producers who swap chemical intervention in the vineyard and winery for physical intervention at minimal levels. This helps them produce wines that are a pure expression of the grape and place.

To understand natural wines, it’s always helpful to look at where they come from; well made natural wines display a strong sense of terroir (sense of somewhereness, attached to a place where they are cultivated).

I tend to see natural winemakers as wine heroes who encourage biodiversity and natural harmony within the vineyard encouraging vines to grow and exist independently without much intervention from the winemaker. We prefer low intervention with our food so why not do the same with our wine?

When made well, these wines are beautiful expressions of terroir, displaying lively freshness and juicy personalities. I can live with the small amounts of sulphite used to keep the wines fresh. They’re great food wines and are also very gluggable on their own.

The increase in places that serve natural wines in Dublin is a testament that the natural wine movement is now in full swing and what’s not to love?! Some of the more recent places where you can enjoy some terrific glasses of natural vino are Loose Canon on Drury Street and Bar Giuseppe, Castle Market. Other places that stock a great selection of natural wines are 64 Wine in Glasthule and Green Man Wines in Terenure. The chances of spotting me at these places are quite high!