Rafael Palacios : Master of Godello

If you Google Rafael Palacios, you will inevitably see his rich family history in winemaking. His brother Alvaro Palacios is one of the leading winemakers in Rioja, Priorat and Bierzo. However, Rafael produces wines with a North Atlantic influence in DO Valdeorras, not too far from the Portuguese border. He works with small parcels of Godello and makes exceptional wines with this variety. His range consists of Louro, As Sortes and O Soro. 

Louro is the entry level wine and costs around €23-24, As Sortes goes a step further just under €50; O Soro is the jewel in the crown and will set you back around €140. Ask your independent as most good indies stock these beauties. 

I have tried these wines side by side and was totally blown away. If you’re looking for a special treat for someone or just want to enjoy a damn good bottle of wine, definitely give these a try.