Envínate - Wine Yourself

Envínate, meaning ‘wine yourself’ is a wine project from Spain that was started by four friends. This wine gang was formed back in 2005 while they were studying oenology at university. They formed a wine consultancy group which over time developed into Envinate, a wine project that focuses on interesting parcels based mainly in the Canary Islands and Ribeira Sacra.  

These are the new generation winemakers from Spain and what they have achieved with great success is creating wines that are representative of place and purity of fruit. Each of their wines is a beautiful expression of the vineyards they come from. I usually pick them up in good independents around the city. You will find a great selection of their wines in Green Man Wines in Terenure and 64 Wine in Glasthule.

Throughout 2018, these were the wines that I constantly went back to. There are many interesting wines within their portfolio so I would highly recommend trying them if you haven’t already discovered these beauties.